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5 Ways We Help You Use Water for Your Fruit or Nut Trees

Good irrigation practices in California means smart water use and low plant stress. Fruit and nut trees grow healthy if irrigated regularly, and not over watered. Extreme temperatures can cause stress to your trees.

Rain for Rent is committed to your tree production and success, year round, by providing full liquid handling solutions. Learn how we can help your orchard below or request a quote today.

1. Drip Irrigation

Smart stewards know drip irrigation allows maximum use of available water, with minimized evaporation loss, by controlling flow to allow maximum yield. Some farmers also use filtration to make the best use of their water.

Fruit and Nut Tree Drip Irrigation


2. Micro Sprinkler Irrigation

Your trees require adequate water to sustain life and fruit or nut production. Micro irrigation can increase yieldsand decrease water use.

Micro Sprinkler Irrigation 

3. Frost Protection

Freezing temperatures can cause expensive damage to you trees. Sprinkler and micro-sprinkler systems will raise the ambient temperature providing a “thermal blanket”.


4. Pre WetAg pump for Pre Wet

Temporary sprinkler systems are a cost effective way to prepare your fields for planting to get moisture in the soil for optimum workability.


5. Overhead Cooling

Keep your investment cool by applying overhead micro sprinklers to decrease the temperature and also increase the humidity.

Overhead Cooling



When you need irrigation support or other liquid handling help, contact Rain for Rent. Nobody else is able to offer the combination of experience, products, and agricultural know-how that we can. We offer competitive short and long-term rental programs, along with leasing and financing options on all our products.

For immediate assistance,
call 800 742 7246